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Story 26 - How An Ordinary Girl Helps An Old Man In Need

English translation:
I was on my way home when this old man approached me asking for the way to SPMC (a hospital) by WALK to visit his 17 y.o granddaughter who was hit by a car (that his foot was also amputated) , and i was kinda shocked because SPMC was very far from DAVAO DOC , to think he walked from Ecoland  which is also quite far and he's from Kiblawan. He said he has not eaten yet , so i bought him some food , he prefer to have it as take out because the one watching the victim also had not eaten yet (which breaks my heart) .
I gave him some money and accompanied him to the jeepney ride (what I gave may not be enough to sustain their needs but i hope it can help) before i leave. He even told me, "Salamat kaayu dai, sige lang magkita ta puhon makabalos lang ko ani imu gibuhat para sa ako" (Thank you girl, we will see each other someday maybe I can repay you back for what you did for me) (it made me cry tears of nails) but i replied "ok lang kaayu tay ,gamay ra kaayu ni nabutang (maliit na bagay) (it's ok this is just a small thing)" .

I only knew his name ELPIDIO BAREDA (i dont know if i heard or spelled it right), i asked for any contact# but he could not give one. but to any person whose working at SPMC maybe you can help or visit them or anyone who has a big heart to help them financially to sustain their needs while in DAVAO, I was not able to get the name of the patient but they might have the same Surname. Hopefully someone can help them.  My heart breaks (more than being brokenhearted) seeing a 96 y.o man sacrificing for his grandchildren. We may have no superpowers to be called a HERO, but we could be HERO in our own way. It feels really good to be able to help.
This post is not intended to be praised by everyone for doing goodwill but to inspire everyone. Have a blessed saturday!

Original with filipino/tagalog words:
I was on my way home when this old man approached me asking for the way to SPMC by WALK to visit his 17 y.o granddaughter who was hit by a car (na naputlan daw ug tiil) , and i was kinda shocked kay layo pajud kaayu ang SPMC gikan DAVAO DOC , to think na gikan pa diay siya ug ecoland terminal nagbaktas ( he's from Kiblawan) and wa pa syay kaon , so i bought him some food , he prefer na e take out nalang kay ang watcher pud daw na kapatid ng biktima wa pay kaon (which breaks my heart 💔) .
Gipasakay sa naku sya ug gitagaan ug kwarta (may not be enough to sustain their needs but i hope makatabang) before i leave. He even told me, "Salamat kaayu dai, sige lang magkita ta puhon makabalos lang ko ani imu gibuhat para sa ako" (makahilak sad tag lansang😭😭 ) but i replied "ok lang kaayu tay ,gamay ra kaayu ni nabutang (maliit na bagay) 😊!" .

I only knew his name ELPIDIO BAREDA (i dont know if i heard or spelled it right), i asked for any contact# pero wa syay mahatag . but to any person whose working at SPMC basig pwede ninyo matabangan or mabisita sila or anyone there who has big heart to help them financially to sustain their needs while in DAVAO, wala naku nakuha ang name sa pasyente but they might have the same Surname. Hopefully, naay makatabang sa ila : ( My heart breaks (labaw pa sa broken hearted) seeing a 96 y.o man sacrificing for his grandchildren .
We may have no superpowers to be called a HERO, but we could be HERO in our own way. 😇 ang sarap sa feeling na makatulong sa iba.👆👏
This post is not intended to be praised by everyone for doing goodwill but to inspire everyone. Have a blessed saturday!
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Story 25 - Kind Young Men

Two young men dressed in punk clothes
entered the local restaurant and approached
the counter to ask permission if they could get left over
food from the table.

Then they proceeded collecting the food from the tables
and put them in plastic bags.

The two young men did not look poor, they
were dressed well and their complexion was that
of a rich or perhaps a middle class.

Curious, we asked them what they were doing
and where the food as going. We were a bit hesitant
because they might feel conscious but we asked anyway.

It turns out they were doing this to feed
five stray dogs, local "askals" (dogs that roam the streets,
with no particular special breed).

It's not very easy to go restaurant to restaurant
late at night and muster the courage to beg for food.

We appreciate what these two young men did.
They are setting a good example to others by doing this.
Even though the stray dogs are not their responsibility,
they still took responsibility and cared for them,
risking questioning looks and ridicule from strangers
just to sustain the animals.

May they be blessed, and may there be more people like them.

This also reminded us of a poor beggar we saw before
who, despite being poor, took care of stray dogs.

Kudos to these people who are taking care of
animals, who are fulfilling their roles as
stewards of the Earth.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Story 24 - Living Without Money

photo from
Today we worked with a restaurant
and helped them set up their marketing
to boost their business.

To the owner's surprise
we refused payment in the form of money,
instead we offered our services in exchange
for food.

In the Bible, Yahshua (Jesus) tells us
not to depend on money and even to give money to the poor.

That is why one of our visions is
a moneyless society.

So far, this is the second time that we have
offered our services not for money, but in exchange
for food.

The first time we did this we offered
our skills for fruits,
The second is for a local restaurant.

But this is not where it stops because we
are also starting a greenhouse for the poor,
where we plant sweet potatoes,
and the harvest goes to feed the poor in society.
In other words, helping others who are in need
without requiring money.

A few months ago, we were also helping
the poor by providing them employment,
by giving them fruits to sell (they don’t have
to pay for it).

photo from

Again, this is just a transition and there will
still be money needed while the scale is still small.
But as it grows bigger and bigger, we envision
we will need money less and less.

We continue to look for people we can offer
our services to, without needing money.

Aside from following the teaching
of Yahshua, there is another
advantage of this approach which is,
it is cheaper for the people that we
offer our services to.
For example, 500 worth of food
from their restaurant
will only cost them a fraction
in reality. This way, they get more
value for their money.

Some ideas going further (helping the needy, without needing money):
1. Approach bakeries for almost expiring but still edible bread,
give those bread to those who really need it--the homeless
and people living in squatter areas
2. Approach small groceries, convenience stores, shopping
marts for almost expiring but still edible goods and again
distribute to the homeless and poor.

Also, in places like Alaska,
the system of barter is still very strong.

In another story, an woman 69 years of age
has been living without requiring money
for 16 years. She was a teacher and psychotherapist
before, then she decided to be brave
and take action on the words of Yahshua (Jesus).
She does this by using barter of her services
in exchange for food that's almost
about to expire anyway but is
still edible.

She offers her manual labor to
help clean the floor or arrange goods
in convenience stores, bakeshops,
and others.

She found that she was happier
without money. She was never sleeping
homeless, she always had a bed and a home.
She had to learn a lot though,
and one of them was to overcome
her fears about her health,
but she overcome them and worked
on her self confidence.

Here is her video on TedX:

Living without money is not for everyone.
If you are dependent on money for your survival,
it can be difficult to transition.
Not to mention, you will encounter resistance
from friends and family.
The key is to take things one step at a time,
make small changes at a time, and
gradually transition to needing less and less
money while still being able to provide for your family,
have a positive impact in society and the poor and needy,
and fulfill our duty to our Creator and his Son Yahshua.

Mark Boyle also experienced a similar thing,
where he gave up money and tried to live
without money.

The show Alaskan Bush People, also features
a family that has lived without needing money
(except when they needed medical assistance)
in such cases they needed money. But most of the time
they survived without money.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Story 23 - Tricycle Driver In The Rain

Once we rode on a tricycle driver, who at that time left his umbrella.
On the way it suddenly started raining though it was just a little so we
decided to keep moving forward. By the time we were about 5 minutes or 10 minutes
away from home the rain had become very strong.

We asked the driver if he would be all right, and he said yes,
he would just find a place to wait out the rain.

About two weeks later, we met the same driver again, and he mentioned
briefly that he had a fever after that.

Concerned, we asked him how many days he was down, and if he was well now.
He said he had recovered.

Driving the tricycle is not an easy job, it requires hard work and being
exposed to dangers to self and to health. He was very surprised and happy
when we decided to pay him some extra--about 3 days worth of his work to help
him get up.

[photo from Flickr]

Story 22 - DSWD Davao For The Poor

Department Of Social Welfare And Development, Davao City includes programs for:
1. Medical Assistance
2. Medicines
3. Burial Assistance
4. Transportation Assistance (Balik Probinsiya)

For any other concerns, you can also approach the CSSDO (City Social Services Development Office) in the Davao City Hall.

DSWD is located at Ramon Magsaysay Ave, D Suazo St, Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur
You can get there by riding the Uyanguren Jeepney.

Here are some screenshots of the requirements for availing of these benefits from DSWD:

Story 21 - Chinese Baptist Church Davao City, Bajada, Offers Free Doctor's Check-up Each Day

We appreciate Chinese Baptist Church of Davao City, Bajada, which offers Free Doctor's check-ups each day. They are a good example of a Church that brings the Good News to the poor, and may they be an inspiration to other churches and the people.
They also give free hot coffee in the morning for anyone, especially for street vendors and street sweepers and the poor.

[submitted by W.L.K.]

[actual photo]

Story 20 - UCCP Church Davao, Haran Compound, Houses 700 Lumads

The UCCP Church Davao, Haran Compound shelters 700 Lumads.
“Our fellow Ata-Manobos sought help and refuge in our church since 1995, the first of a series of internal displacement due to militarization that happened. Providing them sanctuary in our peace haven is a duty we embrace arising from our own Declaration of Principles.”
It stressed that the mission house in Davao “is a place purposely created to accommodate individuals or communities that were deprived, neglected, exploited, and suppressed with their civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights.”
UCCP Church organizes feeding programs to sustain daily basic needs for the 700 displaced lumads.

photo source:

[submitted by: StoryCollector]

Story 19 - Old Man Balot Vendor Surprise

Once I saw an old balot vendor by the overpass
and decided to buy about 50php ($1.20) worth of balot from him to help him out.
Although I don't really like to eat Balot. Balot is a
Filipino delicacy made of chicken egg where the chicken
is still growing in the egg but not fully formed.

When it was time for him to give me some change,
he took out his earnings, so he could give me the right amount of change.
I was very happy to see he had very many earnings
probably several inches worth of bills and I was like: this old
man is probably richer than me. It is a good thing
that there are many people who are also supporting him
and his livelihood.

[submitted by: By-The-Overpass]

Story 18 - Old Woman Beggar

I was walking along one of the busy sidewalks in Toril, Davao City when I saw an old woman, maybe in her 80's,   sitting in a pavement begging for money with an empty can in her hand.  The first thing I would ask from old beggars like her would be:    do you have children or  grandchildren, and where are they now.  Usually she/he  may answer "yes, but they all left me" or "no,  I am a widow, I don't have children, etc. and I am staying with a friend, also a beggar like me".   Reasons like these would give these weak, old beggars no choice but stay in the streets and beg for food or money to stay alive.
After a lengthy conversation,  I left her some food for lunch and snacks.  She quickly hid these in her plastic bag making it sure no one would snatch them or else she'd miss a good meal for a day.   The old woman's joy  in her face was a keepsake that lingers on in my mind until today.   I haven't found her in the same place again when I went back.

[Submitted by: Maria Leonora, Davao City Philippines]
[photo from Flickr]

Story 17 - Old Beggar Trembling In Hunger

When I was still a young man, I once saw an old beggar.
The beggar approached me asking for alms.
I went ahead to buy food for him instead.
When he was eating the food, he was trembling
probably from hunger.

[photo from flickr]

Story 16 - In France It Is Illegal For Groceries To Throw Away Edible Food

In France it is illegal for groceries to throw away edible food. Instead, groceries should coordinate with local charities.
Not only that, but France also requires all buildings to have plants or solar panels in their roofs!
Their healthcare is free for all.
And they have made it illegal to require workers to work more than 6 hours per day.

Story 15 - I was a stranger and you took me in


[actual photo--the person is the one on the second row, second last from the left]

A homeless 15-year old "no read, no write" boy took a boat from Cebu City, thinking it was bound for Hawaii carrying workers called "sakada". Davao City Philippines was its actual destination. He met my father in Sta.Ana wharf, Davao City and begged to offer his services as a houseboy. My kind father took him along. He was with us during the Japanese occupation when my father and he were held captives by the Japanese. He volunteered to cook for the soldiers tugging along my father who never knew about cooking. The stranger's skills saved them both from firing squad. He was already part of our family for 40 long years until he passed away at age 55. He was our confidante, a father, a brother and best friend.

[submitted by TJ, Rizal, Philippines]

Story 14 - A Time When I Couldn't Go Home

There was a time when my wallet got lost.
I had no way to go home.
So I strengthened my resolve and tried
to explain my situation to a young couple.

I was afraid that they might say no,
or that they would doubt my intentions.

But to my surprise, they gave me some
money so I could ride the jeepney
back home.

It was just 20 pesos, but for someone
who has no money, it was an important 20 pesos.

I am thankful to those two people,
although I may never meet them again.

Story 13 - When A Stranger Helped Me

There was a time when I was very down, I had a very difficult problem.
Then a stranger approached me in the mall, a woman, asking me
if I was okay. She asked me what was wrong.

All I said was that I had a problem, though I did not describe what
the problem I had was.

I was surprised when, before she left, she gave me 200 pesos (about $5),
which in the Philippines is already enough to last you several meals.

It is an amazing experience to have a stranger approach you,
and go out of her way to help you when you need it the most.
It's more than the money, but it's the thought and the effort that matters

Story 12 - Homeless By The Road

As we were walking on our way home,
we met a homeless person sitting by the road.
We weren't sure if that person was homeless though,
because it was already evening and it was a bit dark.
She had a couple of containers beside her, so she
might be a worker, maybe someone who was just resting by the sidewalk.
It didn't look like she was begging either.
But she was thin, and we approached her anyway,
because we had some extra food that we took out
from Penong's.

We asked her if she had a place to stay. She said, "at Women's College",
perhaps she was afraid we were trying to get her away from her spot,
perhaps she thought she was no longer welcome here, or that
poor homeless people were not allowed to sleep in this area.
so she was a bit defensive.
We offered her the meal, and she took it
and we gave her some money for her next meals also.

She is very thankful and said that God will bless us.

[submitted by: RAKDowntown 2015-11-07]

Story 11 - How The Inspiring Stories Of Others Saved Me From Suicide - One More Day

[Submitted by Anonymous: reposted from]

"One More Day"

Many years ago, I contemplated suicide many times. See I was suffering from a rare disease, and because of it I was very depressed. No one knew I was depressed or suicidal, not my family, not my friends, because I always wore a smile on my face. The fact that there was no cure for the disease made things worse. The fact that no one understood me, made me feel even more depressed.

What was there to live for? Even the world was unkind, if you look at the news...
There's always 99% more bad news than good news.
If you look at our government, it's in a very poor state with
corruption. If you look at the economy, there are so many problems. If you look at the nations, they are always at war.
It seemed like everywhere you look, there is no hope.

Where are the people who are helping?

Several times I tried to kill myself. Several times, I would wake up at night thinking about ending it all.

But when I was so down, I would sometimes read passages from the Bible, particularly the Gospel of Luke. That would give me some hope. Then I would read inspiring stories of ordinary people making a difference in other people's lives. That would sustain me for one day, one more day. Tomorrow I would be sad again, but today I would get by.

One more day, one more day. One day at a time.

When I meet people, I remember, they may be smiling,
but they may be one step away from killing themselves.
They may look okay, but they may feel empty inside.
They may be wealthy, but they feel empty of purpose.
When someone jokes or comments lightly that they are going to
commit suicide, I always take it seriously, because
I know for me that was very real. And only a suicidal person
can truly understand others who are also suicidal.

Today, I have overcome the suicidal tendencies and I no longer contemplate suicide. I am thankful because of the Bible and because of the people who have compiled inspiring stories on their websites, on Youtube, on their blogs, on their Facebook pages or groups. I am also thankful for the people
who reached out to me who taught me about the Gospel
and who kept knocking even though I didn't answer.

These were the things that kept me going.

Of course, the most inspiring story of them all is the story of Jesus Christ. But it makes one feel glad to see people who are actually living the teachings of Jesus. It gives one hope, to live on one more day.

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Story 10 - True Story Of A Beggar Who Gives What He Receives To The Orphanages

True Story Of A Beggar Who Gives What He Receives To The Orphanages

Here is an extraordinary story of an ordinary old man, now over 100 years old.
Dobri Dobrev lost his hearing in the second world war. Today, he walks every day 
about 10 kilometers from his village, wearing only his homemade clothes and leather shoes,
to the city of Sofia, where he spends his day begging for money.
He is very thankful and he is known for prostrating himself in thanks to all the people who 
give him alms. It was discovered that he donated every penny he collected
to the orphanages and for the decaying Bulgarian churches totalling 40,000 euros
over the years..
He lives off his pension of 80 euros each month.

Story 9 - 22 Years Carving A Mountain

An Indian man whose wife died because his village was 75 kilometers away from the hospital
carved a direct route through the mountain so it would never happen again to other people.
Every day, he would carve at the mountain, and he did so for 22 years.
Today, the road shortened the distance from 75km to 1km,
allowing the people from his village to get their sick people in time.

Mark 11:23 "Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them.

Story 8 - When I Was Homeless - How A Stranger I Met On The Bus Let Me Stay Under Their Roof

Many years ago I traveled to Iligan City (Philippines) to work there,
I did not bring extra money, just enough for a few meals
and for the fare for the bus. I did not have a place to stay,
and I did not know anyone who lived there.

On the bus, I happened to sit across a man who was
religious. We started discussing about the Bible and
we learned about each other's beliefs. We belonged
to different religions. I was Jewish, and he was a Christian.

By the time we got to Iligan, he offered me to stay in his place.
We have been good friends ever since.

[photo from Flickr]

Story 7 - Taxi Experience At Cebu

It was February this year that we had a vacation at Cebu.Me and my vacation buddies were actually on our way to Oslob, and then Kamotes Islands, Cebu was our entry point.

One of the nights that we spent on Cebu, me and my girlfriend after a late dinner out we were able to ride a taxi.. I had this usual habit of talking to the taxi drivers to at least break the ice, and feel comfortable with the driver, but perhaps this is one of the most unforgettable. So when i got into the taxi i uttered my usual spiel which was "kumusta panagat?"(local idiom for "how is work getting along?/how is your business going on") his reply was actually not very clear, but i heard he said like he did not rn much yet, and it was not a very good day.. so as usual, i had this tendency to probe more about his answer, I asked him why he had not had a good day.. and suddenly he could not hold his emotions anymore, after a deep sigh he said his son is in the ICU now, and is enduring dengue.. when he said that i felt how weary he was, and how anxious he was. he said he had been driving all day now, but still did not able to make ends meet.. he is frustrated and worried about his son not getting blood transfusion, he said he was able to find a donor who only asked for 700 in exchange of the blood transfusion, but the guy declined as someone else paid him first, and now another guy was available but was charging a 1000 with a specific deadline at around 2am as there is another person who is willing to pay the same amount. the driver said he got only a few hours left and it is impossible for him to find earn that amount of money..

at that time i did not have the money because i did not have a job for months already. i only made it because my girlfriend had some money to lend me.. so i had no choice but to just tell him, that you can always trust God to provide you with these.. there is no one else we can rely on to except GOd himself. he was wiping his tears as he could not think of how to find that money in a few hours that he still had. I told him i will pray for him. and then on i made a personal prayer in my heart for his needs..

so it was time to get off the taxi, my gf was there with me, so when we got down the taxi, my gf handed me the money the guy needed.. so we told him he can go to the hospital right now to let his son get the blood transfusion needed..

when we handed the money, i was holding my tears, i believe God intentionally placed us to be this driver's passenger to be able to bless him. we were God's instruments on how He can help the driver. if we just listen to what God is telling us or when we choose to do Good God can use you..

there were actually moments when i had doubts that the whole thing may be a modus, but it taught me a lesson on how you should always think about others.. how your money can move people's lives.. if it had to be all modus, i still thank God and Praise for teaching us how to be compassionate..

[photo from Flickr]

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